Engineering Remote Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic

× Image of Remote Computer

Remote Lab Access

During the time that campus computer labs are closed, we have been able to set up a remote desktop gateway for students to access the software they need to complete their projects and other classwork.

We do not plan to continue this service after resumption of regular campus access to students.

Remote Desktop Notes and Etiquette

  • Don’t stay logged on – you are sharing these computers with others - Log off when finished.
  • Idle sessions will automatically logged off – make sure to save your work frequently.
  • Make a note of the machine that you are using in case there are any questions or problems.
  • If you get disconnected, try again.
  • Instructions for file transfer and more can be found: here
  • Report problems (and successes) to

The lab machines are mostly identical. Over the course of the semester, there are changes to some software packages. If you can’t find the software you need, please report the software (and version) that you need and the name of the machine. The machine name should be the name of the tab in your web browser.

You can access the remote lab portal at the following link: