Engineering Remote Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic

× Image of Virtual Computer

New Virtual Lab Access

Our new virtual lab is a portal that provides students with access to most of the software required for classwork. The Virtual Lab allows students to run a complete Windows desktop. The new virtual lab also provides access to the Engineering home directory (H: drive) and the general campus home directory (I: drive).

VPN connection is not currently required to access the new Virtual Lab. Quick start guide and a link to detailed instructions below.

  • Visit and login with your

    Login Image

  • Enter your password

    Image of entering password

  • Click "Engineering Desktop"

    Image showing Engineering Desktop option

  • Select the local resources you would like to use, then click "Allow"

    Image showing local resource access options

  • Wait for the portal to connect you to a virtual lab machine

    Image showing the portal connecting to a virtual lab machine

  • Enter your AU username and password

    Image showing username and password

  • All set!

    Image of virtual lab desktop